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Thread: Search bar help

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    Search bar help

    I am tring to get my search bar to work. I have google, yahoo, msn code for there search bars but I want to search all at one time displaying the results inside my own website. It would act like any help would be nice. I have been working on my site for about 6.5 months.

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    My first reaction is to say: Don't make it act like because when I tried it in Firefox it didn't work at all

    Over in IE it worked better. However it appears not to search all those engines at once, it lets you search one at a time by clicking the different tabs. It looks like the results are independent of each other and displayed in an iframe.

    Anyway, that was going to be my recommendation. Unless you want to get into some pretty serious coding I think the best approach is to create a series of iframes to contain the various results from different engines. You could either put all the iframes on the page at once, or do what does and let the user tab between them.

    That's my suggestion anyway, there are probably many other ways to do it. It's probably too much of a job to ask someone to do for free so hopefully you'll be able to make a go of it yourself and ask for help if necessary as you go.
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