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    Hooking up a Vacuum Tube CD player

    I recently bought an Ayon CD-1 vacuum tube cd player. On the back of the unit are XLR balanced outputs in addition to the standard RCA's. I would like to take advantage of using the XLR connections (I believe it promotes better sound?) but I am not sure how it hooks up to my Lexicon MC-8B pre-amp? I have XLR slots in the back of my Lex, but they are labeled for speaker channnels (I use most of them to tie in my Krell amp), but can I use these slots to also hook up the CD? There aren't any other xlr connections on the back of the Lex besides the ones I mentioned. If I cannot do this, I guess I will just use the best RCA's I can find and hook up that way. Does XLR to RCA (if they make such a cable?) make any sense?

    Please help, I'll take any words of wisdom. I am just getting into high-end audio again and I'm a little out of touch with setting everything up.

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    The most sound quality would come from going digitally into there using spidf or toslink, whichever you use for digital doesn't really matter, it just gives a signal. Otherwize, use RCA. XLR to RCA would make no sense at all, because that would just degrade the quality by making it go unbalanced.

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    You could use a balanced cable run and put an XLR-RCA balun on the end with the RCA to maintain signal quality for the run, but if the equipment is relatively close and there isn't some source of electronic/RF noise in the immediate area, you should be fine with an unbalanced run.
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