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    I'm wondering if anyone can explain the different inputs that are present on the back of Sound Blaster sound cards...specifically an Audigy B800. I am trying to send a signal from a Mackie's main outs (1/4") into the Blaster. I hooked it into the mic input, but it is distorting wicked in Audition. I am not familiar with sound card operation, and thought that perhaps it was because the Blaster's mic input is set for mic level sources, but I have no idea if sound cards work that way. Now, if I send a very low signal level to the sound card, I get good-sounding audio at acceptable levels in Audition, but I'd like to set the Mackie up so I get good levels there, and then send that to the sound card. I have no idea what all the inputs on the sound card are (no manual). Any hints, tricks, tips, ideas, etc?

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    sound blaster cards are not made for recording

    if you do, use a spidif in

    otherwize you should get a real interface

    get the mackie card if you have an onyx

    or use an emu or alesis box


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