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    need help! in transparency

    hi,ima eric
    was wandering around the web and found this forum,looking quiet interesting,so joined it....
    to the topic now!
    last night i was playing with transparency among the pics...i created a 40x40 pixel image to which i added transparecy using the magic eraser...
    i then resized it to 22x15.saved it for web
    but when i open the image i see lines around the gif"s in create,they are in white colour..........
    i read this guide abt removing those lines

    but the problem is that this is for a specific coloured background i.e purple

    but i was looking to make it compatible with all colours,im a soft ware engineer and mobile hacker,so i love to play with i make graphics for cell phone but when i create it with adobe cs2 the lines are shown......................
    sop the question remians
    that is there anyway by which we can make them compatible with all the colours..........i mean fully transparent edges...
    hope this is understandable
    with best regards

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    Hi Eric, welcome.

    The short answer, unfortunately, is no - at least not with GIF files. The problem is that GIF files only allow a single color to be transparent, there is no option to fade the transparency. One pixel has a color, the one next to it is transparent - no gradual transition. This is why the edges need to fade towards the background color.

    In some cases you can tweak the edges for better effect, and some images with square edges can work okay, but it's usually a losing battle.

    Alternatively you might like to try saving the files as PNG and see how you go. PNG files support alpha channels which makes this sort of thing possible. PNG isn't as universally supported as GIF but it does have pretty strong support from the major browsers.
    Dave Owen


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