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    Where can I get free decent web hosting.

    Is there a web site that can give me a free hosting package and a free domain name. Thanks ~Jim~

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    I have never heard of one

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    I have heard of free domain names but you should steer well clear of them. You don't get something like that for free without a catch. From what I've heard the catch is that they own the domain name and sooner or later they start blackmailing you under threat of hijacking it.

    You really need to own and control your own domain name. There's just no way around it.

    Personally I'd never use a free host either, but at least if you own the domain name it can't be stolen (as long as you're careful).
    Dave Owen

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    The first domain name I had was a free one. After our contracted term (1 year), they sold it to the highest bidder (a few hundred dollars) and then got that person to pay for support from them. I think the ones that offer free domains are mostly squatters that get users to hand pick wanted domains for them.
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    not free but good site.

    my church uses
    Its not free but for $3 a month its pretty decent. It includes the domain as well.
    check this out:

    I agree with the other posts. Stay clear of free sites! Only trouble and mischief are hosted there!

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    1and1 might be OK if you live in Europe, but I don't recommend them for the US. I just moved a client from there.

    I know someone who's been running a small personal site for years now at and he likes the service.

    It doesn't cost any money, but you do have stay active in their forums.

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    a late reply but, what i do is use google page creator for hosting (up to 100mb), and then register a free domain from "Dot tk". There's a banner on the top of the site, but you can get rid of it for 2 euros. Might not be very practical but it works!

    Here's examples:

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    It is very cool website which is giving free and priceless space on net.

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    free hosting and domain

    hmmmm... if you want to get free domain with no ads may be you can try to use .its better than .tk . it have a features that is support dns with nameserver or you can edit MX records!!! and that is much of free hosting which support addon domain like


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    see this list:
    it may help u to choose of luck!

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