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    I have a traitorous SD memory card...

    Hello. My boss, the publisher, has given me a Kingston memory card from a once in a life time wedding trip to Brazil. I cannot get the card to read using any method - not with a card reader, not with usb direct connection.

    Now the card is not accepted by the camera. I was going to re-format the card, then try retrieving the images with a freeware retrieval system I've used before, but now the camera (P & S, Coolpix 7900) won't even read the card - it says, "you cannot use this card." The nerve.

    Any suggestions? Should I just chalk this up to being a bad card (I've never had an unusable one before), and resign myself to the fact that I will not win brownie points with the boss this time?
    It might make a good guitar pick.

    Thank you - I will appreciate your tricks and experience,

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    sounds like that card got wet. the camera does not have back up memory huh? well you may be screwed. Please post your findings on here when you know more. I would love to hear if there is any recovery system that worked on it
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    I hate to confess this but...over time, I have accidentally run a few Compact Flash memory cards through the washing machine (not the dryer). I haven't had a problem using them since - no errors, no missing images. Of course, that's not something I reccommend.

    Hm, I don't know if it has an internal memory or not - I'll check.

    So, getting it wet might not be the problem but what do you think about airport-type security systems? Could the metal detectors, xRay things and such affect the cards? When we work political events, we are personally wanded, our gear and pocket contents are run through a conveyor of some kind and/or we walk through another detector.

    I have wondered about that, though it seems if that was a real problem, it would be common, we would have heard about it.

    Well, I still have the card and will puzzle over it for a while longer. I feel if I could just get the icon to show on the desktop, I could retrieve the pix.

    Thanks for your ideas!

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    I have never had one survive the water....However that does not mean that it can not happen, usually i leave one in my pocket after the first dive of the day and then in the second....well 100 feet deep and, in my experience, they no longer work in computer or camera
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