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    Colour problems with Sony DSC-H2

    The College I'm working at has a Sony DSC-H2 as its "good" camera (I had control over the purchase of video gear, but the still camera was pre-exisisting).

    I'm using it to do shoot stills for marketing, including press ads. In most respects, it does fine, but I'm finding I'm having real problems with colour correction.

    When I try and correct CMYK levels for press, the red is incredibly saturated. As an unsatisfactory workaround, I'm adjusting highlight and shadow levels as best I can, then using Selective Colour to suck some of the red out.

    Does anyone know of a camera setting I'm missing that could fix this, or is it just something I'll have to live with, with this level camera?

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    White balance or "color balance", possibly black balance as well.
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    I realize this is an old post but this is a problem that we go 'round about here at work.

    Point and shoot and low-end SLRs often have 'color options.' A popular color option in the camera menu is 'Vivid Color.'

    When sending email pix, 'vivid color' looks great on the screen. However, I have the same problem adjusting for the press - the colors (red especially) are garish and saturated - impossible to adjust to satisfaction and much too time consuming to try.

    I secretly change the editorial cameras to 'standard color' every time I get my hands on one of their point and shoots.



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