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    Shooting Wedding Products

    Does anyone know any tricks or have any advice for shooting photos of
    my wedding products? I have a small business called Creation Metals, we sell customizable monogram wedding cake toppers. The products that I have require elegant looking product images. I am looking for some tips or ideas on how to best shoot these photos. Any help would be great!!

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    Use a light box.

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    I Agree

    I agree...using a light box will give you the lighting you want. The whole other side that you need to think about is what type of look you are going for. Are you wanting pictures that show the product well for customers to really study them, or are you wanting a artsy picture that when your customers see the picture they see the picture and not necessarily the product...well, let me refrase that. They will see the product and it will look good because the picture looks good. Do you understand??? Think about that and then there are tips on both!!

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    light box, and you need to think about background. Black or whit cloth that is well lit with a box or something under it to make the item stand up off the floor (or table) Will make your photo look much more professional
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