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    Best Camcorder(s) to video sports: Football(USA) & Basketball???!!

    Trying to find the best Camcorder(CC) to video Football(USA, yes w/ pads & helmets & true we play a sissy & cautious game, worrying about injuries!? ) + Basketball(both Girls & Boys Varsity.)

    [I]I would like to find at least a 3 CCD camera that has the best wide-angle(WA) capabilities or best CC set-up that will allow for a WA Lens(WAL) to be attached??!? As I stated above, this camcorder will have to be shared by 2 different sports & 3 teams w/in those sports, the CC will also need to be sturdy and work in a variety of environments & conditions! The majority of schools in GEORGIA share videos & most have gotten away from VHS tapes and gone to MiniDV tapes or DVDs. I am also looking for a CC package that will allow for easy/fastest dubbing between the different media styles.[/I]

    There is a chance that this CC could be used for: Golf, Tennis, Softball/Baseball & other spring sports. It would be nice to find special effects on the CC that could lend itself to recording at High Shutter speeds & any other effects that I might not be familiar w/ at this time??

    And here is the kicker!!! I need to do this "on the Cheap" or as inexpensive as it can be done!??! I still have to get 3 Head Coaches & 1 Athletic Director to agree on the products(CC & WA/or/WAL) & the bottom line/PRICE!!! Even though, all the folks mentioned in the previous sentence will complain about the present stuff we are using that passes for videoing!?!

    Any SUGGESTIONS would be very appreciated!!

    Thanks to everyone who responds for your time and consideration in solving this dilemma.

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    If you want a camera that can take a beating, get an ENG or EFP camera with a nice shotgun mounted on it to capture sound. Also, be sure to get a nice tripod built to support the weight of the camera.
    Note, this isn't "on the cheap", but it will outlast any "on the cheap" solution.

    For rainy weather, get a garbage bag, cut a hole for the lens, and possibly for the shotgun (if it has some sort of protection - even a simple windscreen) use GAFFER'S TAPE (not duct tape, not masking tape) to attach it around the lens hood (and the mic attachments). Newer ENG/EFP cameras tend to have a black and white viewfinder as well as a pop-out color LCD which will help with various shooting styles.

    Or, if you want easier protection, buy a PortaBrace camera cover that comes with a rain slick.
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    Best camcorders to edit footy etc!!

    Low end HDV and you cant go past the Canon HV20 it has a sports menu choice, though it may not work too well if the event is in low light.

    Rain hood? Adapt a turkey cooking bag!

    Covering a shotgun mic is difficult without ruining the sound... childs toy umberella?? I have no idea! Blimp/Zepplin might do two jobs at once, the wind and the rain! Possibly will now i come to think about it.

    Steady cam mount ( see I think he has one on his DIY page. It looked as though i could make one when i last looked at it, which means it is simple and cheap) PS I might not have his URL quite correct.. sorry

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    Hi Brido
    You almost had it right and with a little browsing you will find the DIY page

    For those who are lazy like is a direct URL



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