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    Canon HV20

    Hello all, its been a very long time since I posted here, and I'm putting together some plans for my next low budget short movie that I will make with a couple of friends. I am looking to go HD when shooting the movie, so I took a look at the Canon HV20, and I really really liked it, with full 1080i HD video recording, and 24 fps cinema-like filming, I thought that this is the way I should go, since the 1000 dollar price tag is something that I can afford. If anyone has this camera can you please tell me how it is, and if its worth the money? I plan on using Sony Vegas 7 or maybe 8 with full 1080i HD video output to edit the movie, so all Im wondering about is whether the camera is actually good.

    Thanx guys (thats guys generic of course, so thanx guys AND girls)

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    My good friend actually has just bought a second HV20 so they must be pretty good. They are certainly good value for money!!

    With editing you will more than likely have to render to SD not HD as you probably don't have a Blu-Ray disk writer and your audience probably doesn't have a Bluray player and HD TV!! The technology is here but most people forget about the media distribution. Bear in mind that you CAN write HD footage to a standard DVD disk but a 4.7GB disk will hold a mere 6 minutes of HD video .

    If you are going to use HD then keep your original MiniDV tapes so you can re-do it in full HD when it becomes cost effective for us mere mortals


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    wow, a SECOND HV20? man, u just made my day, it must be good if he bought a second one. And yeh i was worrying about the SD output, since I dont have an HD or a blu-ray burner, and not many pple own an hd dvd back home where i am going to film this. But I was thinking of rendering it as full HD output so that I can play it as full HD when and only when I hook up my pc to an HD tv using an S-video cable. And i guess i have to render it as SD output if i wana record it as a vcd or a regular dvd, but im sure that it will still be better looking and higher definition that the standard non HD camera that i used and the standar 720x480 editing mode that I usually use in Sony Vegas.

    Thanx alot man for ur reply, u put things in perspective. I appreciate it

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    Canon HV20

    Yes. I am the guy who has two (and if my wife finds out i might have two cams and no wife!)

    For HDV The NLEs that I have at least some familiarity with that handles HDV are: Pinnacle Studio (11); Edius 4 or 4.5; Sony Vegas 7/8; Premiere Pro or CS3 (though CS 3 has a bug that sometimes does not sync up your video and sound at the moment)

    Some guys are sharing HDV via their game machines. A search on the web will find information about it. I have not got a clue about what they do.


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