I’m trying to implement “Server announcing End of Stream” using RTSP Announce method according to the draft http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-iet...sp-announce-01.

I’ve seen few concerns while implementing this and could not find in the document. Could you please let me know your opinion on how to handle these scenarios below..
1)What a client should do when a Play response is awaited and it got an announce request?
2)What a client should do when it got a announce request and then client issued a reposition request to the server?
3)Draft said that the seq field of RTP-Info header in the announce request should carry packet number to indicate when to stop stream, The usage of “packet number” causing a doubt in my interpretation. Does the document mean the seq field carries end seq number? Or does it carries number of packets (counted based on Play responses RTP-Info)?

Thanking you in advance.