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    Is a consultant worth the price? Where would you find one? I have a green screen project that is unique and I need to discuss it in detail. Is there a pricing guideline. If I missed a question please answer it.

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    What exactly are you needing a consultant for? Usually i would say NO they are not worth it, however there are situations that they are worth it. As far as for a green screen project, are you looking for advice or someone to do it for you?
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    I'd suggest hiring an experienced shooter with plenty of green screen experience the first couple of times. Pay attention, take notes and ask a lot of questions. Shooting green screen isn't that complicated IF you understand the basics. You can learn quickly by watching someone else with experience. Much faster than trying to learn from scratch on your own. Good Luck!

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    Want you to know i got your e-mail but have been super busy. I will get back to you early this week.
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