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    HD/SD Filming/Editing

    hey guys wats up, hope everything is good

    anyways, im planning on buying a canon HV20 and that shoots in full HD. My question is, what is the best way to transfer HD footage shot on MiniDV tapes to my pc, is the best way through firewire? im gonna edit the HD footage on Sony Vegas, although im not gonna be writing to blu-ray disk, cuz i dont have a blu-ray writer, so because of that, im gonna have to render in SD quality, but my question is: If i have HD footage and render it into SD quality, would shooting in HD be a total waste in this case, since im only rendering in SD quality?

    If I have 1920x1080 pixels footage, how can I render it so that it would not be in HD, because i want the video to fit on a 4.7 gb dvd disk. Im guessing the video will be an hour long, so if i edit like i used to edit in 480x720 pixels, then the video will be around 600-700 mb, so i wana find a way to fit a 1920x1080 pixel video on a dvd disk.

    I dont know if anyone will understand all that blabbering that i typed lol, but any help at all about HD and SD format will do, thanx alot pple

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    Not a chance!! At present 6 minutes of rendered HD footage occupies a 4.7GB DVD disk. What most are still doing is capturing in HD (You will probably need Cineform 5 as well as Vegas for this) and editing in HD but then render your project in SD so it fits on a DVD.

    I suspect this will be the scenario for a while until Bluray writers become affordable. Also realise that even if you produce 1 hour of stunning footage on a Bluray disk, how many people do you know that own a bluray DVD player and HD TV????

    It is the format of the future but for now enjoy the extra benefit of slighter better SD quality and keep your HD tapes so you can redo your movie when the media becomes less pricey


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    thanx for ur reply man

    actually, the one friend that i know that owns an HDTV and a bluray player also has a bluray burner, so im also gonna render it in HD too, just to burn it on bluray too, and so i can play it on hdtv through the svideo cable.

    and yeh i think im gonna go for this way, editing in HD, & rendering in SD. But what would be the recommended pixels? for example if i edit in 1920x1080 then the video would be full HD, should i just scale the pixels down in order for it to be in SD?

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    You don't have to scale down anything.
    If you have edited in 1920 x 1080 which is WS HD, you simply render to 720x480 NTSC Widescreen or 720x576 PAL Widescreen (the aspect ratio is still around 1.8 TO 1) It's just that SD Widescreen pixels have a different aspect ratio to normal 4:3 pixels (in PAL the horizontal pixels are actually 1.4568 to 1 (and NTSC is 1.2121)


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    HD/SD Filming editing

    The experts say that HDV original rendered to SD still has a better quality than SD videoed original material. I probably agree but I am not a very critical person for detail. I just like to have fun making the movie!

    The main thing I have had to learn moving to HDV is that it is not complicated it is just BIG. That means having decent RAM and processor speed available and plenty of HD space.

    Sony Vegas/ Pinnacle/ Edius/ Adobe Premiere all handle HDV well, though Premiere CS3 has a bug at the moment that sometimes puts audio and video out of sync.

    If you are having processing difficulties then CineForm has and excellent product (Aspect HD or what may be appropriate for you... but check your NLE it may be using it already as it could be built in) Or possibly Black magic Intensity cards.


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