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    Want to know more

    I've played around with sound boards and stuff at church, helping the other guys who know all about it and stuff. Also, we have a surround-sound system at home. I love working with sound and stuff.
    Can someone tell me how I could sync a Macbook Pro, guitar amp, and surround sound system together?
    I would like to expirement around here at home, my room is just a wall away from the guts of the sound system, so I can run all kind of cables back and forth there.
    What are my possibilities with this setup?

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    If by 'sync', you mean connect everything at once, then sure, get a mixer. Heck, my dorm room has a 16-input line-level mixer connected to every device in the room with its main output going to our speaker system and aux sends to the S-VHS deck and the TV (there's a video switcher to match the TV video and audio feeds, if needed).
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