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    Terry G

    tape to computer file

    Hello, i am new here and am trying to find out how transfer video "tape" into a computer so i can make it available for users of my web site to view it.
    my tape was made at a local PBS tv station .
    so other than that i am open for suggestions.

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    First question: What computer hardware and software do you have? We need to know what resources you're working with to give you good advice. If you don't have any, we can make some suggestions.

    I'd suggest you read our digital editing tutorial first. This explains the process of capturing video from a tape to a computer. Hopefully you won't actually need to edit the footage, just capture and encode it.

    Anyway, have a look at the tutorial then let us know if you have any specific questions. Once you have your footage on hard drive you can encode it for web streaming (we'll get to that later).
    Dave Owen

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    General Reply

    IF this is for a one time clip I would just use your Mini DV cam if you have one. Some of these cameras allow you to invert your pigtail for an input. At that point you have it on your computer but you are looking at 27 MB a sec, thats too much. So you have many options, you can even use quicktime to encode your video to MOV, or MPEG. These greatly reduce the file size and allow for ok quality. Encoding video is an art and I have found myself spending an unmeasurable amount of time studying which combinations work best for what I am trying to achieve. Other alternatives include hardware encoders which you just plug in your vcr or other output device and will automatically convert with little lag to mpeg 1 or II with very little time. You can than use these on your website or burn straight to dvd with additional software. THe software that usually comes bundled with such consumer devices allows you to trim your video if you dont have editing software as well.



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