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    How to achieve the sound quality like in this vid

    I am in need of advice. We are setting up at home small studio to videoshoot some interview type videos and can't quite figure out the sound set up. I came across this vid and really like their sound but having hard time trying to reproduce the same kind of sound quality. I like how it's lively and not boxy at all, we want the same!

    We have: panasonic dvx100b, Samson C02, DBX 286A.

    I see that they use lavalier mic but don't know what kind. Also, what kind of room size, ceiling height, room treatment needed to achieve this.

    Please advise how we could reproduce what they do.

    Big thanks!

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    Hi Papparazzi

    Any decent quality lavalier mike will work. I use Azden UHF sets but as long as it's not a supermarket "cheapie" you can get a good sound from it.

    Keep the mike around 9 to 12 " from the presenter's mouth so you don't lose any low frequencies..the further away it is the more problems you will have. If you are doing tight shots like in the clip, then a standard room is often good enough. Run a few test shots and check if you have any reverb from bare walls etc etc. Normally a carpeted room with window coverings dampens the sound enough. If you need to stop any hollow sounding audio hang a few blankets around the room too but with a personal mike it's seldom a problem.

    Lastly you can give a lot of punch to audio in post edit!! Your NLE will probably have audio presets including compression and expansion (I use Vegas and the audio plugins often brighten up audio nicely)


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    chris pretty much summed it up.
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