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    Hello Friends.....

    # Zooming: you might like to zoom in to the watermark section to correctly clean it up.
    # You also would have to specify the starting spots many times for better results especially when the watermark is large or has been placed over an area that changes in color or complexity. Make sure the source looks similar to the watermark area.


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    I use VideoCharge Studio because this program can:

    1. Crop video. You can simple remove area with watermark from video (if don't pity)

    2. Blur area with watermark. Add blur filter, specify watermark area and blur it

    3. Use nearest pixels. Very effective method!


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    Don't ...

    The watermark was put there for a reason. Do you know that, depending on who you're stealing the images from, it could cost you upwards of a couple hundred thousand dollars ? Ask yourself ... how bad do I need this image ? Chances are you can buy it on any of the photo buying websites - heck, you might even find something you like better. It's just not worth the risk.

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