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Thread: plastic texture

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    plastic texture

    I'm trying to apply a plastic texture to a gradient i've created in photoshop
    and there does'nt seem to be any filter in the program that does the job (at least to my expectations). Is there any plug-in or another way to do it in PS?

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    tony have you tried the "plastic wrap"? also what version are you using? Alien Skin Software make some good plugins. i like them anyway
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    Hi, first of all thank u for the reply. i use PS CS2, and plastic wrap is not what i had in mind because of the 'wrapping' part. i want a surface to look like plastic, & it doesnt have to be that smooth either. Somehow if i could only apply a texture to a gradient so that it seems like plastic... i've used Alien skin filters in the past. Do u know where i could download them (or it?) for free? Thanx for the help.


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