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Thread: Mixer Channels

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    Mixer Channels

    does anyone have any idea how to send audio from your pc to individual mixer (anolog) channels for a final mix, i have a behringer eurodesk mx8000 and it doesn't seem to be possible but if there is some way to do this i would love to know

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    you will need a converter of sorts. I use AJA IoLA, and it works wonders, it may however only work for macs. I am not sure, there are tons of them out there though. DA Max is another brand
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    just use the out on ur computer

    use a spidif to the mixer if you can

    idk if a eurodesk has that

    or use an analogue 1/8'' to rca into the 2-track in

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    i think i have an idea

    i am not really getting your question. is it that you want to record different lines of audio from your laptop or you just want to connect audio from the laptop to the mixer.
    well this is what i do: i use a normal jack-jack (1/4'') and then i use a converter(1/8'') on the side going to the laptop. so the small jackside for the laptop and the bigside for the mixer.
    i also make my own cables. i use a stereo cable. on one side i use a 1/4 and on the other side i use 1/8.
    i hop i have been helpful

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    Well all you need to do if connect the main out to some line in jack on your cpu, (the nicrophone works fine), and cconnect a stero channel to your headphone jack.


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