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    Mac & PC

    Hello everyone!!! It's been a while since I was here last time and a lot changed since than. I'm in the process of getting IMAC comp so I can begin to learn professional editing techniques with the help of Final Cut. But now kind of got stocked since I build pretty heavy PC machine for editing as well and now thinking how to implement or integrate with Mac other than back ups. Please give me some ideas. Thanks.

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    you mean you want to the two to talk? well that can happen, but if you are trying to use the programs of one on the other, you may want to look into not buying the mac. what are you buying the mac for? just to have a professional editing system? because if that is it, there are a few good ones available for the PC.
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    You can buy mac for editing. it is having amazing tools for the picture and video handling.

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    PC or MAC

    For the editing mac use to be the best but i think it all depends upon the person using it if you got good result with the pc why change and moreover the new mac are coming out with pc parts now.So you better think twice.

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    There may be some things you can do on the Mac that you can't on your PC. For example, would the Final Cut Studio offer you anything you don't currently have? Maybe you could use the Mac for motion graphics or something specific like that.

    I'm in a similar situation myself. I've invested heavily in PCs but I wanted a Mac as well. To get a Mac Pro equivalent to my main PC would require a new mortgage so I've gone for an iMac in the meantime. I think it's a good way to get the feel for it without spending too much money up front.

    I'm planning on running FCP but I don't have it yet. I don't expect to be able to do much on my humble iMac but that doesn't matter - I'm just getting set up for if/when I make the big move to a Mac Pro.

    I think if you're really keen on the Mac and you've got spare money, give it a try. If you've got other things on your shopping list though, it might be more practical to spend your cash on more urgent things.

    There's definitely nothing at all wrong with editing on the PC. The Adobe suite is pretty awesome.
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