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    Why Is Not All Of Mah Brushes Are Loading Up in CS3?

    Hiyah Guys!
    Does anyone here know as to why in the earth all mah CS2 brushes aint loading up in CS3.
    I just downloaded CS3 today, and since i have 998MB worth of brushes in mah CS2 Brushes folder under Presets, what i did was i copied the Brushes, Gradients, Patterns and Texture folders from the CS2 Presets folder and pasted them in mah new CS3 Presets folder.
    I mean, I replaced the old CS2 Presets folder (Brushes, Gradients, Patterns and Texture folders) with the new Presets folder in CS3
    So after doing this i went and started to load mah Brushes in CS3, But every time i click Load Brushes, the Brushes folder is empty.
    The only Brush that i can use are the Brushes that is listed when you click the Brush tool!

    See this picture below:

    The visible brushes (alphabetical order a-b) are the only Brushes that i can use!

    When i click Load Brushes, i get a blank Brushes folder!

    Same applies to Gradients, Patterns and Texture.
    Whenever i click Gradients, Patterns and Texture, i get a blank Gradients, Patterns and Texture folder!

    I know that all of the Brushes are in the Brushes folder in Presets in CS3!
    You can see that their there by looking at the image below

    It is really annoying, as i have spent months collecting these Brushes, and i really like using Brushes, 998MB of Brushes not loading up is a big headache for me!
    Some please please please help me!!!!!
    I really need these Brushes to make myself new layouts for sites

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    did some of them come through? cause if they did i would have to say that the rest are not CS3 compatible. I did not have this problem, however i did not have the collection that you have where would one find all those brushes? where they free? or are they copy-written?
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    Oh now they are loading up Kaw!
    Don't know what happened last time!
    I think it was because i had way too many brushes and it took some time for them to load up!
    They were all free brushes designed for CS2 version 9 i guess!
    But they all came thru to CS3 now!
    Now mah brush collection has amounted to 1.2GB!
    I don't even use half of them, i think i got addicted to downloading them!
    Thanks for the reply Kaw


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