I totally agree video in an email is a dumb concept.

"Hello world" and other supposed "video email" services like it are not innovative concepts but rather just hyped up web video services preying upon those who do not know better and fall for the bizopp "make money" pitch.

If you ask me recording and uploading a video to youtube is probably more effective.

Then you just email your friend and put a link to your youtube video.

A video in an email would have to be embedded the exact same way a video online is except the paths to the supporting files would have to be absolute.

In other words if you actually saw a video in your email without first clicking an image or link that opened a window (which I doubt was the case) it would have had to be an embedded object or javascript file.

Using active content in emails or scripts is one of the classic ways that hackers used to spread viruses and trojans... but now just about every newer email client and antivirus sofware blocks active content and scripts from running in your emails... and that means videos would be blocked too.

Additionally as mentioned previously many people block html and even images from displaying in your emails. And services like windows live mail block images and hyperlinks by default now.

Mozilla Thunderbird email client blocks all active content and scripts.

Also some people imagine that they could attach a video file to an email so that someone can view it... not only do most filters block irregular attachments but many email services have attachment size limits and video files are generally huge.

In a fraction of the time it would take you to record, compress, and upload a video you can write a simple text message...

And for those of us like myself who publish a lot of video online simply sending an email with a short text message linking to a web page with a video online is the simplest fastest and best way to guarantee your message will get delivered and possibly watched.

There will continue to be a lot of services (mostly mlm) selling the "video email" hype but even when I get videos from people trying to pitch me on hello world and other crap like that they still only send me a regular email with a link to a video webpage...

That is not video email that is email with a link to a video online and that is what "video email" actually is.

I have been publishing video online and developing multimedia solutions for the net a long time and have performed thousands of hours of research and participated in thousands of discussions and networked with thousands of people...

And I have yet to have a single one show me a video embedded in an email.

I wont do it because it is a bad idea and would probably get blocked or filtered even if I correctly embedded it and pointed to the external supporting files...

But I have sent out hundreds of thousands of emails to my subscribers with links to video messages ;-)

I prefer to host my own videos, control the quality of the compression, and embed them on my own webpages though instead of using make believe "video email" services which are really just sub par web video hosting services.