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    connecting mono balance to stereo balanced

    I would like to connect a radio mic with either line level mono balanced,or unbalanced output, to a matrix switcher with line level left and right balanced inputs. How can I wire the mic receiver to feed both channels ? Any help will be much appreciated

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    In this situation you can simply split the signal from the Rx (receiver) into the matrix L & R inputs. Just wire the hot output from the Rx to the hot of both the left and right inputs, the cold from the Rx to the cold left and right inputs and the same with the shield.
    The signal will be halved at the matrix, but you should hopefully have an input gain on your matrix to adjust for this.

    NOTE: This works when splitting one output into two inputs, but you cannot do it if you wish to join two outputs into one input.

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    mono balanced to stereo balanced

    Hi, Scratch,

    Thank you for your reply. I would have done this as an unbalanced system, but was unsure as to a balanced system.

    Thanks again for your help



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