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    Connect mic to...????

    Sorry about such a noob question, but I'm a noob.

    A friend and I want to play around and reinact some scenes from movies we really like. We don't like the way the audio comes out at all from the mic on the camcorder. If we get a seperate microphone to use, what would we use to record the audio? I'm sure I can get it to synch up by using Premiere, but how do I record it?

    In more simpler terms - we have a mic. We plug a cable into the mic and the other end into...?????


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    If you can't plug the mic into your camcorder you'll need a separate recording device, such as a minidisc recorder. Although you are right in thinking you'll be able to line them up in Premiere, it's not quite that simple. Every recording device (video or audio) runs at an imperfect speed and you may find that in long video clips the video and audio will drift apart if they are recorded on separate devices. These days this is much less of a problem than in the past but it's worth being aware of.
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