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Thread: Selective color

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    Selective color

    How do i select a specific color in an image (in PhotoShop) using the menu, without having to resort to the magic wand?

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    What is wrong with the magic wand? There is no reason that i can think of why you would not want to use this where you can???? you can just hit "w" on your computer to select it if that is what you are after????
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    Hi, the thing with the magic wand is that it has certain limitations. For instance, if i want to select all the blue tones in an image, using the wand would take some steps of selecting with the shift. Is'nt there any command in the menu that does that all at once? thanx for the reply anyway 'Manoni'.

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    In the toolbar (when the magic wand is selected) uncheck the "Contiguous" checkbox.
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    thanks once again Dave.


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