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    Panasonic VHS Camcorder related question

    Hi everyone, i am having an old VHS Camcorder of Panasonic . Since the VHS technology is out of date , this is lying a waste with me.but i figure out i can still make the most of it, i see it has a audio-video out terminal from which i can take AV out & connect to my computer where i can record the what i shoot. But i want to know how can i do this ? what is the cable or any extra hardware do i need to attach the AV out to computer input & what software would be useful for recording in that situation.

    I have attached the image of the camera & here is the link of the video where u can check out my camera from all perspectives

    why i want to still make use of it is that it has 20x optical zoom & 220x Digital zoom and various other features.
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    Before I continue: Don't use digital zoom. It's pointless.

    Ok, now you will need some sort of video capture or tv input card for your computer *or* you can run the cables into an IEEE 1394 device switched to video input and use that as a capture bridge.
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    Hi NiceGuysan

    Very simple!! To transfer an analogue video from VHS tape to digital you will need a DV Bridge ...these units accept composite or svideo in and provide a firewire output to your computer. (You computer will obviously have to have a firewire card installed but any standard IEEE 1394 card is fine) Most Non Linear Editors have a capture facility and will capture from the card. The units to look out for are the Datavideo DAC 100 or 200 and Canopus also make a range of Analogue to Digital Convertors too.

    You can also take a look on eBay and find a cheap DV Camcorder as most of these have analogue input and firewire output and you can often pick them up cheaper than a convertor. Most of the Panny DS range are suitable.

    Just be careful as plenty dealers offer VHS to DVD "convertors" with a USB output. They are cheap but give terrible quality and the resultant file isn't really suited to editing. However if you want a cheap solution without any extra cards or software they do work and typical costs are less than $50!!

    Hope this helps


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    Well , i didnt wanted to go for new , but as i already had one (though VHS old type) i wanted to bring it in use,

    You mean i can take the AV outpoy from the camera while i am shooting to the Datavideo DAC 100 which will output IEEE1394 firewire, that would be great coz my laptop does have IEEE1394 firewire.

    i was thinking to take it outside with my laptop for shooting purpose.

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    Hi Niceguysan

    If you use a A to DV unit they run in realtime too!!!

    Take a quick look at the "hints and tips" page on my website as I have some info and pics there that may help you.


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    but i hav figured out one more thing, if i had to take out my cam, DAC & laptop to shoot a video & record it on computer wher am i gonna get dc supply ? i guess ther isnt any way to get this done without use of such hard equipment. other wise DAC is perfect for converting VHS to DV's as it is built for that. And what i am trying to grab is simply off the track isnt this so ? lol
    anyway ur site is cool. u hav any tips for video filming?

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    Hi Niceguysan

    Good point although you could rig up a battery for the laptop and dac. As long as you use a decent quality tape then there is no problem using the camcorder as it is and then capturing to the laptop or your computer later.

    Video hints on my website???? There is an entire Camcorder Course there!!! You can find the free course at this link


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    i dont have to worry bout laptop cozits got his own battery back up of 4 hrs.

    though i can also take power output from the vehicle , i will configure that, i see the tutorials on ur site they are really gr8 for beginnner, i got the idea of having a story.
    btw wher do u live ?

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    Hi NiceGuySan

    I'm in Western Australia !!!

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    thats far,

    hey check out my photography blog,

    & tell me ur views.

    You may add comments their on blog.

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