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    Hi, I'm new and I have a tripod question.

    I am sorry if this has been asked before.

    I just like to film with my friends and post them on youtube. Our videos have been very mediocre because we did not have a tripod. So, I'm looking for a tripod and all i need is a tripod that is average height, holds still and moves smoothly. I don't need a professional and really complicated ones. What tripods do you recommend?

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    Hi and welcome to the forums.

    Unfortunately any cheap tripod will not give you smooth pans & tilts. For that you need a fluid head tripod. Some cheaper tripods are fairly smooth when new and feel like they will do the job but never quite cut it.

    If you want some tips for buying a cheap tripod then make sure it has a long extendable arm. That way you have more control/leverage when panning.

    Don't oil the head thinking it will move smoother cause this often makes it worse and the head becomes jerky.

    Try and just use the tripod to hold the camera still and at the height you need.

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    Hi Najjang
    I'm a REBEL and don't use a tripod at all!!! Why?? a decent tripod with a stable base and fluid head would cost me more than my camcorder is worth so I build rigs to do the job for me.
    A mini crane can be mounted on a cheap "work light" stand and gives you silky smooth action and is a lot more adaptable and will cost you less than a cheap tripod too!!


    DIY Page :

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    Great idea Chris!. I'm going to have a go at making one.
    Being just a hobbyist i don't have a lot of money to spend so anything that i can make myself is a bonus.
    A guy walks into the psychiatrist wearing only cling film for shorts.
    The shrink says, 'Well, I can clearly see you're nuts.'

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    Quote: najjang
    all i need is a tripod that is average height, holds still and moves smoothly.
    In that case all you need to do is spend lots of money

    Sad but true: Smooth, reliable movement is what separates good tripods from cheap ones.
    Dave Owen

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    they are all right. If you are even OK with tools, you should look into building your own stuff. I have a miller Tripod, that was $4000 and is very nice, however very expencive
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    najjang, you might want to consider a Libec, not the best brand around but it's affordable. At abt USD180, you can get one that can go till abt 1.6m/5 ft plus, able to hold up to abt 5 kg (or a little more) camera. If you want additional stability, just hang a weight (preferably not a dumb bell cos you won't like it if it falls on your leg!), like your equipment bag if it is heavy enough. Note I am just going along your 'i need is a tripod that is average height, holds still (to an extent, just don't lean your weight on it!) and moves smoothly (it holds well. A friend uses it with his Sony PD170 for over 5 years and it's still decent). I don't need a professional and really complicated ones.'

    btw Chris, I think you're pro! It's rather exciting seeing the innovations you're coming up with, reminds me of my colleague's dad who modified a holder so he can shoot film slides with his digital camera.
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    Hi Nagar
    Many thanks for the compliments...often enough if you look around there are solutions staring you in the face. A brilliant one (which is made in Australia), is the CineSaddle ...essentially a canvas bag filled with microbeads and it gives amazing stability. I found a "neck pillow" filled with the same beads in our shopping centre and it works a treat!!!! for $17!!
    Apart from the fact it's bright green it's a cheap alternative as a mount.
    The Libec is good value for money ..depends on your budget of course. When most people say cheap they mean "CHEAP" (usually under $100 or even less!!) There are tons of tripods out there for under $100 BUT they are usually worse than useless!!!!


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    I don't generally use my tripod for movement, but rather still shots

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    Quite correct too!! Tilt and horizontal pan from a centre point is un-natural are supposed to use a dolly or crane for movement.

    What I tend also to use for static shots is my vacuum mount rig which sticks to any smooth surface and it's way faster to zap it on the panel of the vehicle and shoot instead of setting up a tripod!!
    There is a picture of it as a car door mount on the same link as above

    I also use a standard tripod head on my dolly tower so I can get the advantage of the dolly movements and the stability of the tripod.


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