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    Hi, I'm a new member and have been using professional tripods for over 20 years. Sadly, they are expensive, but the only way to get decent pan and tilt movement. If you really want to improve the stability and action of your shots, then a fluid head tripod is the only way forward. Cost need not be prohibitive if you go for something used - try one of the auction sites!

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    Hi Henry
    Good advice ...If you look on eBay under "Professional Video" there is usually a Miller there but I must admit I'm still biased towards using a DIY solution (I use my mini-crane on a dolly and the result is smooth as silk)
    It's hard to outlay over $1000 for a Miller Tripod when it costs more than you paid for your camcorder!!
    If you insist on using a tripod then eBay is always worth a look but stick to professional "Professional" tripods for $49 are seldom anything but professional and will NOT have a fluid head


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