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    New Year (08), New Gear, New Software??

    1 more month or so to enter new year, I'm seriously considering start my own small production (wedding and small event for now, to expand to docs or corporate videos as it grows...).
    I don't own any camera, but I used z1 alot in previous production house, and currently using Premiere Pro 2.0 with Encore DVD (trying to learn some After Effects, but not so easy to teach myself).
    So, here is what I am thinking:
    I want, I mean really, want to get JVC GY 100 for the camera for various reason 1.real lenz 2.shoulder mount 3.better picture, IMO than sony's 4.good deal on B&H.

    I bought mac book for my wife last year, then I downloaded Final Cut pro, but have not used it yet. I do have a good system going with PC with Premiere Pro 2.0. I do wanna give FCP a try, and I have googled some article about comparison between two, but they would say "I like FCP, I like FCP" but never said why... or very few said...
    some said it's like comparing Lexus and BMW and Mercedes....
    Is it really personal preference? Or more to it?
    Some say it's really up to what you do (for project).
    I am just a freelance with a couple years experience and hoping to get a full time job in video production company or bigger.

    I find this website really helpful and thank all for those who help others.



    ps hope everyone had wonderful thanksgiving!
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    Regarding Premiere vs FCP, I believe it is largely personal preference. In terms of what they are capable of they are almost identical. One of the main differences seems to be that FCP comes ready to deal with some things that need a plugin for Premiere (eg SDI). On the other hand PC users often like the fact that they can customize their hardware and software to suit their particular production requirements.

    Stability of the operating system is often an argument for the Mac. There may be something in this but my PC hasn't crashed for two years. My Mac crashed daily after I installed Leopard (it's fixed now though).

    I'd say if you have a good PC setup with Premiere, you might want to save the money you'd spend on a Mac and use it for something else... camera, lights, mics, etc.
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    I'm with Dave on this. Don't be in a hurry to have too many transitions at one time, in this case moving pro into the media line, getting business and also having to learn new software. Be really good at what you are already good/able at now.

    The answer to stability is related to one of the current threads now about 'making a team'. Most of the members have suggested having a good engineer is one of the top considerations. In this case it really is the same.

    One of the key reasons why PCs hang is due to hardware/software conflicts. In video editing I find that hardware is usually the culprit. When you do DIY on an editing machine, most people fail to consider the issue of compatibility, but instead go for options like 'the most powerful' or 'the latest'. It doesn't work this way. I'm very thankful where I work, we have an excellent team (made of only 2 gentlemen) who have a good deal of knowledge on the hardwares. I have had my editing machine in office for the past 4 years. It has never crashed (save for one incident where I lost an editing file I was working on for 3 months!), nor have I formatted it.

    To tip the balance, I carry a Macbook pro for home and work use (and I use Premiere on PC and FCP on the Mac). So don't be in such a hurry to switch.

    Enjoy thanksgiving and remember the reason for the season!
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    thank you so much for your help, gentlemen...

    I have decided to get Canon XH A1. Looks like pretty dependable camera for my use and budget.

    For software, I will take slow on switching. I am going to give a shot to final cut pro, though, cause they are lots of demands on FCP editor. I don't think it's going to hurt me to learn FCP, but as you guys said, I will not hurry.

    Thanks again!!!


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    let me offer this piece of advice. If you do not have a mac, you may want to look at premier or Avid. that being said, i have and use FCP every day on my 3 work stations. i would just think that if you are just starting out, it may help your budget to not have to but a new mac too. I personally will not go back to PC, but there are a lot of people out there that use PCs every day and do not have a problem. as i said, it may be worth checking out
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