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    Audio recording software

    I have a microphone and a mixer and want to connect them to the computer do I need a certain type of software to record the audio? (I dont want to edit it on the computer I want to edit it throught the mixer). Or can I use windows default software?
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    Audacity if you wanna go cheap and free

    Cubase if your on PC

    Logic if your on mac

    Can you still mix on your mixer? What kind of mixer do you have? What outs does it have? The mixer would determine if the eq's are pre or post conversion

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    If you really want, you can use sound recorder (comes with windows). It's quite powerful for such a small program, but to do more than simple recording is a bit hard, even for the experienced user. "sndrec32.exe" is the filename.
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    I second use of Audacity for basic recording of various sources, including "what-U-hear" -- i.e. whatever is coming out of your computer speakers is what it records.

    And in case you ever want to use your computer to mix/edit:

    Another one I have found powerful and cheap is n-Track Studio; feature-rich and mature, though I still am using v3 of it and only for occasional playing around. Look for more serious reviews. You'll find many who say "why spend more when n-Track does so much?".

    If you do want to try something else more expensive and powerful, see if you can download a trial/demo version of it first and play around with it before taking the plunge. You can often find 1/2-priced not-quite-latest-version software (legally) for sale on eBay or elsewhere.

    Can you tell I'm a cheapskate? SO MUCH can be done on a shoestring budget, IMO. :-)

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    Gold Wave is a nice eteter for a cheep price.
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    of course you are able to record audio with windows default software, steps are really easy for you. just set "stereo mix" as your default device and enable your speakers. But if this does not satisfy your need, other alternatives for you to seletc. audacity and streaming music recorder. You may select one of them.
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    Hi xNessax

    There so many ways you can do a recording and mixing through your control desk. You may go analog and digital depending on your area
    of interest. Let me know if you still need more details regarding this!


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