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    your suggestions on subgroups on mixer

    I am going to be working the tv audio on the living cristmastree, a show we put on every year. Now about 24 mics are going to be used in this program, and i am guessing I will have to be ajusting them all a lot. So I was thinking, would it be easyer to just put the mics on the group buses? Any suggestions on which mics to put on the buses? I only have 4 group channels to play with here, so I need to put the mics I am going to be using a lot. The mics that are going to be getting the cwyer are going to stay at the came level for the most part, butr we have about 8 handhelds that are going to be used.
    Thanks for the help.

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    email me your phone number. I'll cover it$.
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    I'd group the talent by when/how they perform. If A and B and C always perform together, A and B and C can be grouped together
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