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    Advice on chromakey/green screens

    I need advice on the best way to setup green screen , I have seen all footage on youtube but still having probs.
    My green screen is 9x12 and I have two 150w lights either side of screen.Ive been told the lighting must be stronger by using 500w lights ? as I am still seeing the background pic through my Actor, will this solve my probs ?,and I am using Vegas 7 .
    If anyone can give me more advice or tips that would be a good help .

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    I am not sure what you are asking so i am just going to start typing and hopefully some of this make sense to you.

    Step one. Make sure the Green wall is lit EVENLY
    Step two. Light the Green wall and the subject / actor SEPARATELY.
    Step three. try to let as little as possable light spill from your subject to the wall.
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    Hi AndyRef

    I run Vegas 7 and it doesn't really do a perfect chromakey job with live video unless your lighting is absolutely perfect and also there is no spill (ie: the green halo you often get around your subjects)

    If you are doing a lot of greenscreen work then a really worthwhile investment is to use FXHome's Visual Studio. You can do amazing things with the software even if the screen doesn't cover the entire background and you get lightspill.

    If you get stuck I have a tutorial on using the software for poor chromakey on my website below :

    In any case the software is well worth getting!!!!



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