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    Capturing HD footage

    Hello all

    I have purchased the new Canon HV20 and as you know, this camera has the ability to shoot in full 1080i, but I ran into a spot of trouble. I shot a few seconds worth of footage, and now I need to capture it onto my laptop, but I cant seem to do so. I used the firewire cable that I usually used on my old DV camera. I previously used to capture footage using Sony Vegas 7, and I would do that by going under file > capture footage, and then i get two choices either capture footage as "DV" or as "HDV or SDI" and since the new camera is HD, i chose "HDV or SDI" this time, instead of what I usually choose and that is "DV". But when this happens, I get a small window in sony Vegas and its blue and written on this preview window is "No Device Detected", while its obvious that my camera is connected and on. However, when I choose the "DV" option like I usually do, the camera captures footage, but there is a problem. I shot this HD footage on a tape that I had that contained regular DV footage, now when sony vegas is capturing what shot, it captures the DV portion perfectly, but then it freezes when the footage switches to the HD portion, and then it starts to capture again when the HD portion is over and the DV part comes back again. I know that I am supposed to shoot HD on those HD Mini DV tapes that I can buy, but I just wanted to test and see how I can capture the footage that I shoot using my laptop. Do I need a new version of Vegas, or do I have to get a whole other editing program? I saw that the new Sony Vegas 8 Pro is HD compatible, maybe that works. Can anyone help me out please?


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    Hi Ma7amee7o,

    Good to have you up and active on the forum again. From my inklings, it is possible for Vegas 7 to handle HDV (of which the Canon HV20 has the capability to record). This reminds me of a similar incident that happened during the Hi8 and Digital8 transition where I shot both formats on the same tape and the editing system sort of hung there...

    My quick suggestion is:
    1. Don't digitize the SD and HDV clips together. Forward your tape to the HD part, then digitize as HDV. It should work, unless your HDV footage is way too short. If that is so, you might want to record at least 30 sec segments to try
    2. I think it is possible (but not recommended) to use the current tapes to shoot HDV. Anyhow, I think it's a good habit to have a tape that is HDV kept as HDV, rather than recorded in 2 formats. That speaking from my bad working habits which I shared above... I have since repented, unless need be.
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    nagar, thank you very very much for your comment. Yeh it is good to be back thinking about movie and filming stuff, i was busy with exams for the past month, and I am really excited about my new camera, so you can probably imagine the look on my face when i faced the problem of digitizing my footage lol. anyway, i will defintly take a second look at this stuff, and i will take ur notes into mind. im gonna try filming some more hd footage and try what u said again. thanks very much man

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    Capturing HD footage

    The HV20 are long and complicated. It has happened to me that i have thought i have been shooting in HDV and found that i was in fact shooting in DV.

    Vegas 7 works well for HDV, I have just done a project in it from "woe to go".

    It was all shot in HDV Cine mode... Auto.

    Yes don't mix dv standards on the same tape.

    I must have read my manual 100 plus times and still get confused... I put it down to old age. !

    I have also posted on the "HV20 Major problems " post. Possibly a similar problem.

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    Large Vegas Project

    Hey Brido or anyone else, I saw you edited a complete project in HD with no problem. I have Vegas 7 and have been having problems using it for large projects in HDV. Once I get up to about 20-25 minutes of footage on the timeline, the program keeps freezing. Any secrets to share to overcome this? Vegas support has been less than helpful. BTW, I am running an AMD athlon 64x2 Dual Core 3.0 ghz processor with 4gb RAM.

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    I'm pretty much a newby to the video capture hobbie, but I capture from my DVR and noticed the same issue with HD vs. SD, with any capture program I used. SD captured fine, but HD didn't. I initially tried to capture (using a Black Magic Intensity Pro card) to my hard drive, but the drive couldn't keep up and kept freezing the capture, or it was really jumpy. I had to set up a RAID using two drives to keep up with the amount of data that was being dumped on it. This might not be your issue, but it might be something to think about.


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