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    Hello all

    I was thinking of using a dolly for a few shots of the actors in my movie walking or for moving cars n such.

    My question is, where can I buy a decent dolly for a good price, not too expensive. Or if possible, does anyone know how I can build one that is simple enough to do the job? Plus if I were to build it, what is the best way to mount the camera on to the track? I wouldn't want the track 2 b too long, like maybe 10 to 20 feet.


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    One of our senior members ChrisHarding has a DIY model on his website, though I think you might need a small gift/donation to access it.

    Off-the-shelf ones, esp those on tracks, are really dear and some of them require quite a bit of space to store.

    If you really are not using it too much, consider renting but do your homework on the best rates.
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    Hi Nagar
    Thanks for that..most can simply build it from the photo as it's so easy to make (the tutorials are available only IF you require them).
    In a nutshell all you need is 8 skateboard wheels mounted at 45 degrees on a simple frame (even a wooden board works!!) Because of the wheel angles it will run on virtually any tubing (steel, aluminium or pvc!) I personally had an old gazebo and I used the 16mm "clip-in" steel tubes that formed the gazebo frame and any dolly runs prefectly on it.

    You can also look at some innovative dolly designs at the link below from Liza Trainer

    She uses boat rollers and even an ironing board for a dolly!!!


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    thanx man, ill check these tutorials out, they will help me alot, thanx

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    Chris, this is awesome stuff, the skateboard wheels thing is awesome, that is basically what i was thinking, but i did not have the skateboard wheels in mind, but now that u said it i know how to do it prefectly, thanks alot man

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    Just another thought that I found useful.

    Some skateboard "kits" give you the board with wheels attached and then another set of 4 spare wheels...sometimes it's cheaper to just buy the package like that rather than 2 actual boards (since you will be discarding everything except the wheels) I also found that kiddies boards were much cheaper and as long as the wheels have bearings they work great!!


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    thanx chris ill take these ideas into account


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