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    Can a Dvd Burner be Cleaned with A Disc??

    I was wondering if you could clean a dvd burner with a cleaning disc? I have one but it does not say it mostly promotes standalone dvd players.

    Thanks for the help..

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    Hello ofield and welcome!
    I have yet to hear/read any reason why it cannot be done, as long as you can lay the cd/dvd cleaner in a tray or into a stand alone that opens with a door.

    But in regards to the players/burners that have a slit for an opening, where the media is suppose to slip through, I don't think it would be possible. The cd/dvd cleaners are thicker in dimension due to the extending brushes.

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    I clean mine with a cd/dvd cleaning disk
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    Yes, You can clean Your DVD writer with the CD, It is quite easy you does not hav to be worry for that are thining too much on that topic.


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