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    JVC strikes again

    We all know about the issue of JVC's MOD proprietory file format on their hard-disk camcorders.

    Now I'm faced with a new issue: Capturing footage from a JVC camcorder mini-DV tape.

    The camcorder is a JVC GR-D750 that the College I work at bought with their fly-buys points (nice to be consulted - I would have said to buy a Krupps coffee machine, myself!), and I thought I'd give it a whirl at my son's school concert (should have known better).

    I'm using Premiere Pro CS3 & a Sony HDV deck. I can play the tape perfectly well in Premiere's capture window, but when I try to actually capture it, I get a totally blank AVI.

    Any suggestions?

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    well the tape may not be compatible. I do not know that much about the Premier system, however try to straight capture from the camera. I LOVE MY JVC Cameras. i do have hard drives on them, so i do not have to mess with the actual tape, but i have not had problems the days i did mess with the tapes
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