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    TV Streaming using a reflector?


    We are a business that broadcast a live TV show to another country. We currently have a slingbox connected in this country which allows us to steam back our show for editorial reasons. This slingbox is installed in a colleagues house and so limited bandwidth.

    What I want to do is setup something better that would allow us to use videolan or something that would pick up the TV feed and steam to a server in a data center. It would act as a reflector. We could then get more machines in the office in the UK watching the feed, while only using one upload from the other country. Is this possible?

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    If it is a satellite tv feed you can stream to the www or a network using a dreambox from dream multimedia.
    I have had one of these for several years and i can honestly say it is one of the best investments i have made.

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    You can run a copy of vlc on your 'reflector' and have it 'playing' the remote feed and streaming it
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