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    Hi... I found one good video -> flash converter & I want to share with you..
    You can find it HERE

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    thank you

    Thank you but I'm not sure if this software will be able to convert regular 8mm analog tapes into format that Final Cut supports. Have you done any work with this particular soft?

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    with this particular soft I convert AVI, ASF, WMV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG files to Flash SWF and FLV ....
    without size problems, without time problems, without any problem =)))

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    Nope!!! This is purely a software convertor that will take your MPEG or AVI files and convert them to Flash FLV. Your source file must already be in Digital Format.

    You really need a hardware convertor that will allow analogue input and give you firewire out into your computer's IE 1394 firewire card.
    Datavideo's DAC200 works well


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    i have used it, and it works pretty well usualy, you have to watch out for the copression rate though
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    btw, it has good demo...


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