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    RTMP and a few other questions.

    Hi Dave, as everyone else I have only praise for your work and the MC player. Just awesome. I am not an expert but MC player helped me look good.

    A while ago, I read a q&a on MC Player and RTMP support and remember you saying it does not work. Have you done any work on it with your latest version? Just wondering if I had the q&a wrong.

    I am testing red5 open flash server (on Linux at home) and have a few sample flv files on it. MC player is on another external website. The playlist has ur" links like "rtmp://" and they work fine. Is this ok and would this have any other issues?

    The test link is here

    other questions.
    How can I put a "swf" file in the centre of the "infoscreen" ?
    How can I have the option "expand smaller clips to fill screen" unchecked by default?

    Thanks again for the player.
    David L....

    PS: I found the answer for my last question. It is the "zoom" control in the js file.
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