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    Question on editing

    I'm just wondering if I really need to invest some money in to second hard drive for editing purposes. as I'm going over the training DVD on final cut pro the instructor recommends to put all the media files on the second hard drive.If so please advice with a specific preferable model of external HD. Please note that I'm currently carrying 500GB worth of storage. Thanks

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    You should try to use a drive other than the system drive for your video files, yes. It will speed up data access.
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    not only will it speed up your process, acutely in come cases it may slow it down a bit. but if you get a corrupt video file, it is a lot easier to pull the files off the external then off the computer drive. What i do is edit projects on the 500Gb in my mac, then when the project is finished, i move all the elements and the final to one of my Tb drives
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    I don't know about you Kaw, but it seems I have a tad of an issue with FCP with I attempt to edit with an external HDD (via firewire 400).

    As for the HDD you were enquiring, skrasnopolsky, it depends on whether you want a DIY (get the HDD and casing separately, it costs a little lesser with more control on what you want) or an off-the-shelf.

    I am a fan of Maxtor drives, although they have been bought over by Seagate. My recommendations for off-the-shelf are the following:

    Maxtor OneTouch™ III, FireWire 400/USB 2.0
    Maxtor OneTouch™ III FireWire 800/ FireWire 400/USB 2.0
    Maxtor OneTouch™ III Turbo Edition

    I'm note sure if they are available, but note they are all firewire enabled. That is a needful thing if you really want to edit external. No point wasting dough on USB 2.0. Like one of the members say, it is using the wrong tool for the job!
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    Yeah that is why i edit on the drive in the computer, and then i move the project to the External. I can edit from it, but it is SLOW. once I put projects on there i can move them back for quicker edit time, however if it is something small, i will usually do it off the external
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