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    need help with broadcast vehicle specs/equipment list

    hey people...i need some guidance in setting up a vehicle to broadcast outdoor sporting activities.
    the idea is built around an 8 camera set up, standard def TV and most likely microwave. i need to get an equipment list so i can do a solid budget/costing.
    anyone out there with some info?

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    Thats a pretty big question, but lets start the ball rolling. Here's a list of basics, which will be by no means complete.....

    -SPG (signal pattern generator - for bars, black, sync etc)
    -Vision mixer
    -Vision monitors
    -Sound desk mixer
    -Audio monitors
    -Comms system (to communicate with cam op's)
    -VTR's (video tape recorders)
    -VDA's (video distribution amp's - to feed the various VT's, vision mixer etc)
    -ADA's (audio distribution amp's - to feed VT's)
    -Cameras and accessories (lenses, headsets, tripods, pan/tilt heads etc)
    -Lighting kit
    -TBC's (Time base correctors - to time the cameras. This depends on the type of cameras you choose)

    Thats a start...anyone want to add anything I've forgotten?

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    thanks scratch

    thanks for the prompt response.
    my strength is more in the content development and production/event management side. i can build a successfull franchise from scratch, but is to get the signal out of the truck is where i'm stuck.
    i had reached to the point where i had all the inputs (cameras and accessories), mixing and image management (AV mixers, TBCs, storage and decks) and intercom (headsets and wireless). what i needed to get a handle on though was the transmission side.
    where i'm at (trinidad, caribbean) we've got cable based and terrestrial stations. i want to be able to link with them both. on the cable side, i thinkall i need is a cable modem? i'm nottoo sure, but i'm expecting a response from the cable broadcasters about what their requirements are.
    for the terrestrial broadcast side, i need to know what i would need to do a microwave transmission across about 200 miles.
    if anyone got info on that transmission side of the equation, i'd be very appreciative


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