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    MPEG Black & White video-components JPEG frames?

    Hi everybody!
    has this useful Timecode Displays for Video

    30 FPS, Non-drop-frame 1 minute MPEG2 (1.2MB)

    30 frames per second - 1 minute MPEG video.

    I am doing a research, using C++ language.
    I need to decompose this video and obtain the all the JPEG frames, in order to do some Image Processing.
    Does any one know how to do this?
    Besides; is there a site where to download a simple Black & White -gray scaled- MPEG video and the whole set of its components JPEG frames? this will make my life easier...!!
    (a shortest possible black and white video MPEG).
    Thanks in advance for all your replies.

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    Try this...

    As for how it's done, well, you can't actually "extract" jpeg images from mpeg. They are two different types of compression. mpeg doesn't normally contain still images for each frame, it only contains complete images for keyframes set at regular intervals. The only way to get a complete sequence from an mpeg file would be to import the file into a video editing program and re-render it in the desired format.

    The way I did it was the same way I made the original timecode files. I created a simple video clip in my video software (in this case Adobe After Effects) and added a timecode effect - this automatically generates the timecode. Then I export the file in whatever format I want, e.g. mpeg, Quicktime, AVI, etc. One of the options is "image sequence" which does exactly that. You can choose from a variety of still image formats. Most video makers I know like to use Targa, TIFF or PSD for image sequences, but JPG is an option as well.
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