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    Photoshop Beginner Help!!!

    Hi new to this form, new to photos shop heck realitivly new to computers!here is the situation,ive never used a photo processing program before but need to do so, ive downloaded photoshop cs2 on a trial basis,i want to capture an image from the internet and put it into a template that is not in photoshop, then i need to save this template and image as a targa file, I know there is probably a thousand tutorials on how to do this but since this is a trial version of ps i dont have much time to go through all of them( i cant afford to buy the software right now, if you can help me with this delimma i would be ever so greatful! thanks for your time

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    I'm not sure what you mean by a "template that is not in photoshop". What sort of template is it?
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    I think he's trying to copy a website and make a template to use for his own site?
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    cant follow you

    pls post an image, what u need from this site or explain it correctly


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