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    How do I re-create the "cartoon outline" in a picture?

    Hello folks, I am new here, obviously...not so new to Photoshop but definitely needing to perfect my techniques.

    I have this clip art into which I pasted people's faces. To make the picture as real as possible, I had to twist the cartoon's arms to match the people's gestures (see below). In so doing, I have lost some of the ink outline which surrounds the cartoon. Is there an easy way to re-do this, something easier than taking a brush and manually drawing a black outline around every part that's needed?

    Okay, is there a way to make that smaller using the [IMG] tag? Sorry about the huge picture.
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    I don't know of any quick and easy way to do this, but then I'm no artist so I could be missing something obvious.

    You might like to investigate the pen tool. It's generally better for drawing this type of art than the brush tool, and when you get good at it, it's actually very fast and efficient.

    As for the big image size, there's currently no way to reduce it using the IMG tag. I've made a request to the folks at vBulletin to include it as a feature.
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