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    MC Media Player Update: December 2007

    Hi everyone, welcome to the new "Announcements" forum for the MC Media Player. This is where I'll post updates on what's happening to the player, new features, bug fixes, etc. You might like to consider subscribing to the RSS feed for these announcements.

    To get things started I want to give you a sneek preview of the player's new home: I set up this domain to host the next version of the player which I've started work on. It's very embyonic and there's a long road ahead but I want you all to know that I'm very committed to this player and I've got lots of plans for the next few years.

    At this stage I'm working on a very simple single-FLV player which will eventually evolve into a multi-media replacement for the current 720x360 player. The new player is codenamed "MC Altair" and can be viewed at

    For those of you wondering what this means for the current player, here's the situation: I'll try my best to fix all the bugs in the current player and add any new features that aren't too major. However I probably won't add any significant new features to the existing player - I think it's better to concentrate on building up the new player.

    I hope you guys will be okay about this plan. It means a longer wait for those of you wanting new features for the current version, but I'm convinced it's going to be best for the player.

    Oh and one other thing... I'm still planning to make the new version open-source so maybe that might help speed up production.

    Thanks again for your continued support of the player. I'm amazed at how popular this thing has become and I'll do everything I can to keep it up to your expectations.
    Dave Owen

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    Hi Dave
    What more can I say than AWESOME!!!!
    That's a really professional interface and anyone would be proud to use it!!

    We look forward to the download release when it's ready. (If you want to release a beta for field testing I'm happy to drop a few onto my site and report back to you)

    Keep up the good work


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    Thanks very much Chris. Although you could try the player on your site now, there's probably not much point until I've done a bit more work after Christmas. I'm still likely to change a few things around. I'll let you know when I think it's ready for full beta testing.
    Dave Owen

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    Feature Requests

    Many thanks Dave for this new announcement. I would kindly request you to kindly support H264 MP4 asap in the present MCMP. I am moving over to MP4 from FLV as it is a much more universal format and it will be difficult to wait till mid 2008 for the new version for the MP4 files. I can't rename my MP4 to FLV as they are hosted on a video sharing site.

    Apart from the features already present in the present version of the MC Media Player and those new ones which you have planned, I just wanted to remind you of some other important features below which you can also kindly consider:

    (1) A variable for the control panel to appear or disappear on hover normal ad well as fullscreen mode similar to the JW FLV Player. The collapse arrow for cp is cool and is quite unique. It would be very cool if one can open open and collapse the tree playlist panel sidebar in the fullscreen view also. The transparency option for the cp is quite cool.

    (2) The Fullscreen button is quite small. An configurable option (variable) to either choose toggle fullscreen view simply by clicking anywhere on the player or pause/play by clicking anywhere on the player. I personally want the toggle fullscreen option by clicking anywhere on the player as my viewers relish viewing the videos at fullscreen and this will make the process easier.

    (3) Option to play an external MP3 audio in the background when the MP4 or FLV or MP3 or JPG file is viewed similar to the Jeroenwijering's JW FLV Player.

    (4) An option to add a force download video arrow directly in the control bar for the individual video file similar to the JW FLV Player. This would be preferable than having the download link hidden in the Info panel as many new people have asked me about the download link. They just can't seem to find the Info panel on their own.

    (5) An option to display a swf or jpg and if possible a gif logo on the bottom right on the video while it is playing similar to the JW FLV Player.

    (6) I don't know if this is possible but an option to automatically adjust the Flash 9 fullscreen display for 4:3 and 16:9 videos with the least letterboxing. And also an option to fit the 4:3 videos in the player without letterbox. Though 16:9 is the movie standard, I think 4:3 videos will also be popular for a long time to come so they should be supported nicely.

    (7) Collapsible and expandible tree playlist panel on the left or right of the player which can be shown collapsed by default. And the width of the playlist panel can be changed by the user. It would be very cool if one can open open and collapse the tree playlist panel sidebar in the fullscreen view also.

    (8) Search box on the top of the playlist panel itself. Without hiding the viewing pane, Search can instantly display the search results inside the playlist panel itself replacing or above the playlist tree so that people can click on the search results and view the videos in the right viewing panel simultaneously.

    (9) Podcast RSS feed generation for each playlist with the MP4 or FLV or MP3 file links.

    (10) The player can auto-generate the code or we can specify the code if the viewer wants to embed any specific video which they are watching on their blog or site.

    (11) An option to track plays or video views with a flat file also without requiring a database.

    (12) A tabbed window in the playlist panel which displays all the video keywords or tags with links to corresponding videos. The keywords variable is present in the present MCMP.

    Future feature request:

    (13) Option to add comments to any video which can be set to go into the approval queue and only become visible for each video after the comment is approved by the admin.

    Multiple playlists in tabs or similar would be cool would be a cool Search feature. Thanks again and kind regards.
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