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    game show

    Hi Dave,
    are you in the media industry tv??
    I have a game show concept and have completed the treatment,
    who would be the best to pitch this too??
    I am mindful that if I take it to USA,
    I can forget about Intellectual Property
    any pointers, like if I can secure committed ad space sponsor,
    I would rather do the 1st season in Australia/New Zealand
    what would a producer/publisher be looking for??
    So far I have just been getting mixed message when ever I ask this

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    Hi Willie,

    As it happens I left the NZ TV industry just a few months ago. I'm probably not the best person to comment on pitches in the game show genre (I was more involved in news & sports) but I'll send you a PM with my thoughts anyway. I don't really want them to be public
    Dave Owen

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    Hi Dave,
    Thanks Bro,
    Thank you for the info,

    be well
    Executive Producer,
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    Hai Friend good to know the information from you Thank


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