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    Need Tips, Suggestions and HELP with Documentary! PLEASE READ!

    I will be filming a documentary very near and dear to my heart concerning a tornado that ripped through Wisconsin this summer.


    Do I really need Mini DV Over Digital8 ? Is there a huge difference?

    Here is what my equipment looks like

    Canon ZR800 Mini DV (If I decide on MiniDV)
    Or a Sony Handycam (Digital 8)

    Hopefully a boom stick of some sort.

    What are some tips, suggestions...I am welcome to ALL information I can get!

    I will be editing with Premiere elements....


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    It's not only the camcorder but tons of other factors too!!
    I have a little online course that I'l sure will help you with your documentary and give you an idea what to prepare for :

    Use the link below to access the course (it's free of course!!)

    MiniDV is probably preferable to Digital8 but both will do the job. It's what's behind the camera that mainly counts!!!


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    Along with Chris' excellent course you might find some useful information from Steve Grisetti in his 'Steve's Film School' articles.

    Be sure to do some testing, filming inside and out with various lighting. Capture the footage and export to DVD so you can see what it truly looks like when finished. My guess is your camera choices will leave you wanting a little better quality, especially on inside footage. A CMOS or 3CCD equipped camera would be better suited for good quality documentary footage.

    You may also want to consider HDV in this day and age, many documentaries are available in High Definition. The quality is amazing and it really brings everything to life.

    Lighting is a very key factor, learn all you can about lighting and white balance.

    You might want to check the reviews on the ZR800


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