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    Peter Jackson to Make New Hobbit Films

    Peter Jackson and Hollywood studios New Line Cinema and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios today announced they had resolved their legal dispute over unpaid profits. This clears the way for Jackson to start work on the Hobbit project.

    Jackson will apparently make two movies based on The Hobbit, to be shot simultaneously and released in 20010/2011. Jackson and partner Fran Walsh will serve as executive producers. A director has yet to be announced.
    Dave Owen

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    After what has, by almost every measure, personally been a shit of a year, you have finally sent me a ray of sunshine.

    Tragic I know, but I am overjoyed by this news!

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    Johnson Nguyen
    Yeah that's nice to here. I read the hobbit but i remember it being only one book only. I bet they're really going to stick to the story since they're gonna have nearly 6 hours of film footage. You know how Peter Jackson is, him and his long movies.


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