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    need help with pa system.


    tbh im a bit of a novice when it comes to pa systems and need some advice from people who know what there on about.

    i have a prosound 1600 amp that can output 4Ω stereo: 2 x 500Wrms 8Ω stereo: 2 x 250Wrms 8Ω bridged: 1 x 800Wrms Max power: 1600Wmax.

    i also have 2 prosound 200Wrms 12-Inch Loudspeaker 8Ω. and am getting 2 more. firstly i was wondering if i would be able to 'daisy chan' them as the amp only has 1 left and 1 right outputs.

    the problem also comes because i need to add some bass to the system and so am thinking about buying Kam PRO SUB18A Speaker. its an active sub but i was wondering on how i would wire it up, maby daisy chain it off one of the other speakers and use the crossover to cut out all but the bass?

    also would tht add any extra strain on the main amp?

    some assistance on this would be nice.

    thanx in advance

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    Yes you would be able to daisy chain the speakers two a side ie. chan 1 from amp to speaker 1 than speaker 1 to speaker 2. chan 2 the same, that would give you a 4 ohm load on each channel of the amp which it is stable @ scince it gave you a rating @ 4ohms. The subwoofer situation would depend on several things and there are several ways to go about doing this. I looked at the specs on the sub and it did not mention high pass filter though it did have a variable crossover, depends on what you plan to do with this system, I would reccomend an external crossover mounted in a case with the amplifier for the mains. the LR signal would come from the mixer or eq following the mixer in most cases into the crossover ( two way stereo mode) then you would take high out l and high out r to the amp feeding the mains and then use the mono summation mode for the lows which many crossovers have, and send that to the sub. at that point turn the xover on the sub all the way up to 150hz and use the external crossover and set that about 100hz-120hz. Another way would forgo the highpass on the 12" speakers, would be to feed the sub with a post fader auxsend on the mixer and use its internal xover and season to tase. you must take into consideration however that any and all low frequencies are still being sent to the 12" and can do damage if not kept in check.
    hope that helps

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    rely apreciate it

    thanx pete uve rely helped.

    ive wired up all 4 speakers an it all works perfectly.

    i havnt yet wired up the sub yet tho.

    ive been looking for a crossover but find it all a bit confusing and dont want to go out and buy one that doesnt do what i need.

    would it be posible if u could recomend one for arround 100?

    if not dont worry ill keep looking but it would be a real help if you could.

    thanx tho real help

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    all you need is a two way stereo three way mono crossover, scince you are not biamping the two way speakers you have, they have their own passive crossover, you will need only two way stereo. As much as i hate to say it, the behringer CX2310 would work fine, DBX 223XL or 223 would be my reccomendation if you can get one where you live, or maybe try to find a used ashly 1001. the setup is simple once you have obtained one. if you do find one post what it is and what type of sub you end up with and I can walk you through the setup.

    hope that helps

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    thanx again pete, uve been a real help.

    ive been looking through the crossovers that uve listed, and all but the ashly 1001 uses XLR inputs and outputs. this is a problem as i use either speakon or 1/4 in". ive been looking and it looks like i could pick up an ashly 1001 for $300 which is roughly 150 and i think i could prob strech to that.

    the last thing, is are you sure that it will all wire up correctly with the prosound 1600 amp wired to the 4 speakers and the Kam PRO SUB18A sub off the crossover.

    if tht would all work then thats great and ill go and buy the crossover.

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    Speakon would be for the speaker cable only and would have no connection other than as the final output from the amp. The DBX i mentioned comes in a version called the 223 which would be the 1/4" in and out version. Remember this as it seems as though you may be confused as to where the Xover would fall in the signal path. It would be from mixer to (eq if you have one) to crossover then to amplifier, the crossover is going to split the line level signal into a highpass and low pass. The highpass would feed the amplifier that you would be using for the two ways speakers, the lowpass would be feeding the amplifier for the sub or if an active sub would feed directly to the input of the sub. Also depending on the mixer you are using as the outs are either balanced or unbalanced, if it were balanced then any of the models would work as a trs 1/4" connection would be the same as an XLR connection in theory, just a different plug. Then you would just have to aquire the appropriate cabling to make the connections. The ashly is a nice piece and will work forever, the dbx is very good to for a lower cost so either of these units would be fine and if you intend on using a crossover either would be a good buy. If you want you could give me a list of the mixer and any other gear you may be hooking up with this anbd I can tell you exactly how it should be hooked up
    Hope that clarifies some of this

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    right then..

    i have:

    1 laptop and/or ipod
    1 amp
    4 2 way speakers

    the signal goes from the headphone on the ipod/laptop into left and right 1/4 inch into the amp. the amp then outputs speakon to the speakers.

    the crossover would go inbetween the laptop and amp.

    oh and i realise now that the amp can accept xlr as well as 1/4 inch, just me being stupid.

    i definatly think im goin to get the ashly, but on the back its got 1 input-fine and 1 bass output and 1 mid high output. im just wondering how you would achive sterio on the back of the amp for the 4 speakers? it has 2 inputs 1 left and 1 right?

    would the crossover mean that no bass goes to the 4 speakers?

    apparty from that, i understand how everything would be wired up i think but still would be good if u could clarify.

    thanx again

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    Ok, looks like you may have one issue ahead of you yet. Is the amp that you have a mixer amp or just a two channel power amp? If it is simply a power amp you are going to need a preamp inbetween the computer and the amp. as far as the hookup of the xover amp speakers so on. The crossover will have 2 inputs you can look at them as left right but they are I believe labled 1 and 2. The stereo output of the mixer (preamp) would be sent into the inputs one and two on the xover, dont let the labeling on the xover get in the way, usually you will see a set of input/output labels on the top of the jacks and on the bottom of the jacks. these have differnt uses depending on the mode the xover is set to. for this application we are looking only at the two way stereo labels. for input one there would then be high out and low out. we will call this left. the high output would then be sent to input 1 on the amplifier. then one speakon cable would be hooked to the 1st speaker on the left of your setup, that speakers paralell input would be chained to the next speaker on the same side, this gives us left. the same would be repeated for the right side thus giving us stereo imageing with two speakers on the left and two on the right. the sub would be hooked out of either sides low outpu given you are looking at obtaining only one sub. scince low frequencies are less directional and are generally mono you would not see much difference if any between the two or combining them. then you would set the input gain to unity and adjust the high output to unity and seaon the low input volume to tase against that of the high output. the general area of crossover frequency would be from 80-120hz depending on the cabinets frequency response and type of program material you would be playing through this system. and yes anything above the crossover frequency would be taken out of the highs, yet if you get the ashly there is a q steeing that would be able to contol the ammount of overlap of the frequency crossover point that the cabinets would share.

    Hope that continues to be of some help

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    just wonderin y would i need the pre-amp? i can change all the eq's ect on the laptop.

    im sure it would be best with the pre-amp but im on a rely short budget and have a time restriction and although i may invest in one later, would i be able to run the system without one with it stilll sounding good?

    also the sub only has 1 input, so would i just be able to use 1 of the crossovers outputs to the sub and not the other? eg just left to the sub and right doing nothing.

    Quote: peter miller
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    yet if you get the ashly there is a q steeing that would be able to contol the ammount of overlap of the frequency crossover point that the cabinets would share.
    soo would i be able to set it up with the high's getting the bass aswell?

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    Yeah thats what I had explained, take either the left or right output of crossover into the sub, as far as the preamp it will function as you had explained depending on the input sensitivity on the amp as to how much volume you will be able to produce using the laptop output. its an impedance thing. You may have some overlap via the q form setting but the purpose is to free the highs of some of the low frequency to perform better in that range. If you want full range to them you would prob not need an xover at all, the sub would prob have one for itself.

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