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    Editing with the footage of a DVD Camcorder

    I am using a Sony DVD camcorder. But I am using VR mode for shooting & then after importing the clips to the comuter I am making fake avi with DGIndex and VFAPIConverter. Then using that fake avi for editing. Can any one suggest whether loss of quality is still going on as compared to minidv SD editining when I render my final work?

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    Hi Pushan
    Your camcorder actually writes directly to the DVD as VOB format so you can play the disk in a DVD player with no further processes.
    Essentially DVD's are compiled from compressed MPEG2 video and most editing systems will show a loss of quality when you re-render the file even though it is a "fake" avi. The data is already compressed and the quality loss is therefore there already. The file will be lossier than a DV-AVI file from a mini-DV tape but instead of worrying about "technical" quality why not concentrate on content ? A poorly made video with the highest quality is still a poor video regardless!!! Make your production stunning and interesting and most, if not all, will not even look at the slight loss you get from a DVD cam.


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    As you've discovered, editing DVD camcorder footage is far from ideal. It's so poor, in fact, that I think everyone who buys one of these camcorders expecting to be able to edit footage should return it for a refund and ask for a camcorder that works as intended.
    Dave Owen

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    Tough statement from the expert but unfortunately true!!!
    DVD camcorders were designed to shoot the footage and then pop the disc into your DVD player and watch it. This doesn't mean that you cannot edit the disc content, it just means that your quality compared to MiniDV is going to be pretty bad.
    I have done a couple of clips from a friend's DVD and it wasn't too bad for web video but that's about the limit. Watch the same on a TV and you will be horrified.
    DVD camcorders have their place in the market and home videos of the kids in the pool make them quick and easy. Most people shooting "baby on the lawn" don't want to edit. They love the idea of "shoot and watch"

    As Dave says, if you can get rid of it, do so!! Often you will be able to recoup most of your losses even on eBay and then use the money to buy a used MiniDV camera and you will have decent footage to edit. It would be a wise move!!


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    Thanks both of you.

    But I saw that in VR mode, the disc is not finalized and when I import the the clips it is being imported as .mpeg but not as a .vob one. Whether it also is a compressed one?

    I am a newbie. And basically editing is a passion for me. So please suggest what kind of minidv one should be ideal for me.


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    Hey, i've been using in the summer a panasonic dvd-camcoder and i've been pretty satisfied but i agree with you, quality is not the same as on tape or film. Me personally i liked very much the idea of not needing to capture the contents and just import them very easyly to sony vegas. I think my post is offtopic

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    Editing streaming video formats is far from ideal... It's kinda funny though, when I was working at the small production house, we got more people bringing in miniDVDs from those cameras asking us to convert it to an editable format than we did tape....
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    If you must

    mini DVD is ok for what it is.. convenient and cheap. Tape will eventually die as a format to be replaced by hard drives... just look at the way HD recording is going
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    If you have no other choice then at least record to the highest bit rate you can. Will only give you 20 minutes of footage but converted to raw avi for editing you get a reasonable result.

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    Thanks every body.

    One thing creates confusion in me. In hdd or dvd camcorder (in VR Mode) with 1/3" ccd, the output file format is .mpeg( i.e a compressed one), but still giving me a very good quality
    If I convert the .mpeg in raw .avi ( i.e removing the compression used in the .mpeg) and then edit it with an editor, the output video after rendering is quite same as that comes with the tape format camera.
    Now can I say whether the size of the ccd is the most important matter in determining the quality of final video.
    But I should say that the conversion process is a resources hungry one and also a time consuming one.
    Again tape format is a dying one. In that case we have to use either hdd or dvd format standard definition camcorder.
    Please comment.


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